This is a mathematical name, or statement, i.e., 8 + 1, which means 9. Actually the name of this website is 9, not 8 + 1. It represents eight men and one women who were first baptized as embryo of a new church denomination now known as the Evangelical Church of Indonesia. It should be called Papua Evangelical Church for the World because there are many practices and doctrines taught in this church very related to the subjective perspectives and worldviews of the Lani/ Papuan tribes, even though general evangelical principles are at large taught and practiced within the church.

These 8 men and 1 women were the first native Papuanns who were baptised as an outcome of the work of three missionary organisations: Regions Beyongs Missionary Union (RBMU), Unevangelized Fields Mission (UFM) and Asia Pacific Christian Mission (APCM).

The 8plus1 Foundation (Nine Foundation) was set up in Kelela (the place and exactly at the site where they were first baptized) on July 29, 2012, founded by the remaining members of the 9 people.

When praying for beginning of the foundation’s activities, the founder, Mr Ki’marek Tawy Karoba said, “This is the closing chapter of my generation, and the opening chapter of the next generaiton, new round, the second 50 years. We pass on the message for you, raise up the new generation…”